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Podcast: The Solar Maverick

Our CEO and Founder, Manish Nayar, was featured on Benoy Thanjan’s revolutionary podcast “The Solar Maverick”. Thanjan is also part of the solar industry, with his own solar company called Reneu Energy. In this podcast, Nayar and Thanjan get together to talk about the solar industry in the United States and how SolaroidEnergy’s Canadian experience supported transitioning to the northern U.S. market.

Get an inside look at what it takes to pivot to new opportunities and about the best business practices for a successful solar energy company.

“We foreshadowed that the market would slow down and ultimately close as the government incentives were starting to step down pretty drastically. That’s when we pivoted to the U.S.”

– Manish Nayar

Listen to CEO and Founder Manish Nayar on “The Solar Maverick”

Or listen to Manish Nayar and Benoy Thanjan on your preferred platform